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PT. Andalan Teknologi Mandiri

About Us

PT. Andalan Teknologi Mandiri began as a company engaged in Information Technology and trading, especially electronic and communication goods in 2004. In line with client trust and in an effort to answer business challenges, we as a professional company develop and expand its business in the construction sector .

Strengthened by experts, experienced, and professionals, making PT. Andalan Teknologi Mandiri is trusted by various types of companies, especially large companies and is able to work on several projects simultaneously while still paying attention to quality and customer satisfaction with hard work and good cooperation.

PT. Andalan Teknologi Mandiri will continue to grow and develop to achieve the best in order to continue to meet or even exceed client expectations, in accordance with the company's motto, namely exceeding customer satisfaction.


Company History

PT. Andalan Teknologi Mandiri

PT. Andalan Teknologi Mandiri was founded in early 2004 in the form of a limited liability company (CV). However, along with the development and growth of the company then it changed to a Limited Liability Company (PT) in early 2007. At first PT. Andalan Teknologi Mandiri is known as a local company engaged in Information Technology, particularly in the field of computers and communications. But based on demand, confidence, and customer satisfaction we dare to develop and improve the company’s business field as a civil construction company as well as interior work equipped with building installation capabilities. Since its inception, PT. Andalan Teknologi Mandiri does not expect to be known as a service provider / supplier of goods, but more than that, to be a partner for customers who provide integrated and valuable services. This is what makes PT. Andalan Teknologi Mandiri is able to maintain consistent service quality.
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Brand Positioning

PT. Andalan Teknologi Mandiri

PT. Andalan Teknologi Mandiri is here to be a solution for various types of companies in responding to the needs of data center development, data center maintenance, data center consulting, building construction, mechanical, electrical, and information technology. Comprehensive and integrated services with an emphasis on customer satisfaction has always been our commitment.

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