Data Center Installation

Data center is a tool used to place computer systems and related components, such as telecommunications systems and data storage. These facilities usually include also redundant or backup power supplies, redundant data communication connections, environmental controllers (eg AC, ventilation), fire hazard prevention, and physical security devices. One server placement for a website or database. the existence of a data center in a company, especially a business company is very necessary, because the data center has many advantages for the performance of a professional company and will also be very useful if there are unexpected things that hit a company.

Just like natural disasters hit and damaged the company which caused all company data records to be destroyed, with the data center, everything could be overcome because of the data canter that kept the company’s data intact at the location of the data center. Because of that, usually the data center is stored in a different location from the company, even usually in a location that is kept secret by the company, it also aims to maintain data center security from unwanted interference or there is an ignorant party with the company itself and destroy the company.

Based on its function the data center is divided into two parts:
1. Internet Data Center is 
only to support applications related to the internet, usually built and operated by service providers or companies that have a business model based on Internet commerce.
2. Corporate / Enterprise Data Centers
support all functions that allow various business models to run on internet, internet and both services. 

In a data center there are many servers arranged on a server rack that are arranged according to their physical form, the server can reach rattusan or even thousands of servers. Every room has a cooler, power supply system, UPS, connected security systems and networks that are recorded in detail. Even the floor where the server will be built has the characteristics of being a damper and there are under the place of electrical and computer network cables.

In building a data center, there are 4 ideal data center design criteria, among others, namely:
1. Availability 
Data center was created to be able to provide continuous and continuous operations for a company both in normal circumstances and in a state of significant damage or not. The data center must be made as close as possible to zero failure for all its components. Starting from a safe location, fulfilling the building’s civil requirements, geology, volcanology and topography 
2. Scalability and Flexibility 
Data centers must be able to adapt to the rapid growth of needs or when new devices must be provided by the data center without making significant changes to the data center as a whole. Protected with backup systems, power systems, air control and data communication 
3. Security 
Data Center stores a variety of valuable company assets, therefore the security system is made as tight as possible both physical and non-physical security 
4. Implementing data center standard governance, which includes: 
Standard Operating Procedures, Standard Procedure for Maintenance, Disaster Recovery and Mitigation Plan Standards, Business Continuity Guarantee Standards

Data center is a solution to ensure the security of a company from all things that are unexpected once. Therefore the location of the data center development itself is a very safe location from various risks such as natural disasters, geographical disturbances or gangguang from people with bad intentions who want to damage a company.

PT ATM has experience in building a data center and is supported by a professional workforce in the field, therefore we are ready to help customers ranging from discussion to the construction of data centers so that they are in line with customer satisfaction without reducing the functionality to data center security.