Electrical Mechanical Installation

In this sophisticated era a building certainly cannot function properly if it is not equipped with electrical energy and other supporting equipment. Therefore, in the construction of houses or other buildings, there are jobs other than civil works, namely mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) work.

In a building (building) or a house there are three components that play a very important role to add to the comfort and beauty of a building. The three components are Structure, Architect and ME (Mechanical & Electrical). The three components are interrelated with each other, if the structure prioritizes strength, then the Architect places more emphasis on the beauty of the interior, then ME (Mechanical & Electrical) emphasizes the function. if one is not in accordance with the concept of manufacture or the initial plan of making, it will damage all sectors of the three components, no matter how strong the building or as beautiful as the building, if it is not assisted by an ME (Mechanical & Electrical) system, then the there is a function at all.

The following are some of the Mechanical Electrical work in a Building

1. Plumbing Systems
is a job that is in a building that regulates all the water that will flow in the building, this work is called piping, for example pipes for clean water, ventilation pipes, and water rain.

2. Fire Extinguisher System
This work is still related to water piping especially for the purpose of fire fighting in the event of a fire. This system usually consists of sprinklers, hydrants and fire extinguisher.

3. HVAC System
Is a work on the installation of AC (Air Conditioner) in the building, aiming to stabilize the air temperature and humidity of an area in the building.

4. Electrical Systems
Work related to electrical installations to meet the needs of low electrical power work includes installation of TM and Transformer panels, intermediate power cables, low voltage electrical panels, distribution box panels, low voltage electrical power cables, armature lighting, switches, stops contacts and key tags, cable lighting installation, socket installation, and lightning rod systems. as well as workmanship installation systems, namely fire alarm systems, sound systems, telephone systems, data systems, cctv systems and MATV

5. Mechanical Systems
Works related to large machine tools related to large machine tools such as elevators and escalators.