Specially designed for residential, hotel and office building, which effectively save the installation space, improve the utilization of buildings, and also show the core of safety, comfort, energy-saving and environmental protection design concept.
Compact machine room freight elevator adopts microcomputer control, serial communication, permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine, with the features of high reliability, stable operation, low energy consumption, high leveling accuracy, safety which is widely used in the factories, warehouses, shopping malls, exhibition halls and so on.
Car elevator has the advantages of high performance, high reliability, high efficiency.
Moving walk is widely used in a variety of commercial and public transports. The product features modular design, beautiful shape, beautiful layout, integration with surrounding environment, and elegant atmosphere. Safe and reliable performance, durable quality and highly integrated technology let the passengers feel comfortable and relaxed, enjoy the surrounding beauty, and add a stylish charm for hotels, shopping malls, commercial centers, air traffic and other public places.
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